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November 21, 2014

Michigan Engagement Photographer: Jess and Sean Aviation-Themed Engagement

Michigan Engagement Photographer:
Jess and Sean Aviation-Themed Engagement

Grand Ledge/Lansing Michigan Engagement Photographer

Munro Photography, Grand Ledge Parks (Fitzgerald Park), and Grand Ledge Airport

A major thank you to the fabulous staff at Grand Air Aviation

Jess and Sean are a breezy and unique couple- so I KNEW their engagement was going to rock.  Every email got my geeky side all excited... we were meshing aviation into an engagement theme using the amazing movie "UP" as inspiration, Jess' affinity for vintage kites, and Jess and Sean's bond over flight to create a very special session just for them.  

As a wedding photographer, it is so important to me to get the chance to interact with my clients prior to their wedding.  Engagement sessions are complimentary with EVERY wedding collection and I can tell you with 100% certainty that they always help relax my couples before their wedding.  Sure, you can look at galleries online, and you can pin away on Pinterest, but there is something so reassuring when you have confidence in your photographer because of first hand experience!  

So, sit back and enjoy this colorful fall engagement session brought to you by imagination and a super awesome couple.

November 09, 2014

Josh and Mallory| Backyard Battle Creek Wedding by Munro Photography

Munro Photography | Michigan Wedding Photography 
Josh and Mallory's Battle Creek Wedding

I seem to be photographing more and more local-ish weddings lately, and I'm loving the chance to meet so many amazing people in Michigan!  Josh and Mallory met with me what seems like eons ago and I've been giddy up the wazoo about their wedding.  They are so comfortable with each other, and my heart melted for them over their first look moment.  As most couples are, they were nervous for the ceremony, but having the chance to see each other and take a minute to soak in some togetherness seemed to really put them at ease.  "I'm good now," Josh said, "I got to see her, so I'm not as nervous."

Now lets talk about a wedding full of DETAILS!  Holy smokes, I walked outside and there was a brand spanking new gazebo, wooden wine barrels, flowers draped over everything, and can we all just swoon over the hand-burned detail on her bouquet?  Uh, magical.

Florals by my fave Park Place Design
Makeup by my other fave Erick Gerson Rodriguez
Congrats to two very lucky people, who have found something in each other that people wander through life searching for- a real blessing.  
For information about having Munro Photography photograph YOUR wedding day, please inquire at  or visit for more info.

October 17, 2014

Shelby & Tyler: Grand Rapids, Michigan Wedding Photography | Munro Photography

Shelby & Tyler: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Wedding Photography | Munro Photography

Shelby and Tyler's June wedding happened to fall on my birthday weekend, and I couldn't have been more pleased to spend it with these two and their awesome families and friends.  They had a rockstar list of vendors and venues- The BOB for the reception, the always amazing Coastline Studios for videography (peek their awesome trailer HERE), St. Cecilia's Music Center for their gorgeous theatrical ceremony, and so many more. 

I first met Shelby several years ago and her relaxed personality just drew in everyone around her.  Fast forward to planning their wedding and the engagement session and meeting Tyler- match made in heaven.  They have a chill and comfortable energy that makes you feel like you've known them for years- and their wedding was one of the most memorable events I've had the pleasure of photographing. Shelby and Tyler were down for anything, which always makes for the most amazing shots....

....I will let the images do the talking for me- haha! Michigan Wedding Photography Artist
Makeup for Shelby by my favorite makeup artist in the GR area- Erick Rodriguez His website is HERE Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist Michigan Wedding Photography Artist

October 09, 2014

Winston-Salem Old Salem Wedding | Munro Photography Michigan Wedding Photography

Jacqui and Bradley: Munro Photography
Winston-Salem, NC Destination Wedding

Having known Jacqui a bit from our high school days, I was thrilled to get an email from her about her wedding.  Jacqui is a laid back, super chill person and when she described her wedding, I knew it would nothing less than elegant and awesome.  And it was.
Jacqui and Bradley met while serving our country in the military.  I was fortunate enough to meet the Southernly Charming Bradley for their engagement session in Michigan, and it was clear to me this was a solid match.  Two people who love each other deeply, but aren't afraid to play and laugh with one another- that sort of chemistry makes for happy lives.
My good friend and photo-assistant extraordinaire and I made the 14 hour trek down to North Carolina (making a few bucket list pit stops along the way) and were absolutely floored by the handmade details and unique touches that Jacqui and Bradley created for their wedding day.  From hand-embroidered cross stitch table numbers and my personal favorite "Mr and Mrs" hanging chair signs, to the hand stamped bar coasters... right down to the coolest ringbearer box I've seen yet- they put a ton of work into the personal touches. 

Take a visual journey through their fun, *HOT* and sunny, personal and intimate wedding.  Don't forget to leave some love in the comments or share this post with your friends- the creativity in their wedding is sure to inspire future couples!

If you or someone you know is getting married and looking for a slightly quirky, but irresistibly awesome wedding photographer, get in touch with me at or by email at  Let's make memories!

September 19, 2014

2014/2015 Open Date Sale!

Michigan Wedding Photography
Munro Photography: Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Beyond!

The 2014/2015 sale is in full swing- those last minute open dates are filling up fast so there's only a little time left to see if your date qualifies for a whopping 10% discount!

You can save up to $320 off your complete wedding day coverage and STILL have an amazing album to show for it! Wicked awesome.

There are very few dates left in 2014 (only two November weekends, and ONE December weekend).  2015 dates are booking up quickly with this special which is finished at the end of the month!

Visit my main website to learn more about my work, who I am, and then if you think we're a good fit for each other, email me at to inquire about your date.

Also, you can now find me on Thumbtack

August 25, 2014

A Little Bit of Personal

In fair warning, this blog has taken me several months to write.  Every day, I would attempt to begin it.  I would think about it.  I would consider exactly what I wanted to say and how much I wanted to divulge.   My intention in writing this is to clear up some confusion on the part of what genres of photography I actually photograph.

A few clients have come to me over the past few years and I fear that I have confused them. I've made decisions in my business that have created a very ambiguous culture of what exactly I choose to photograph... but it was a stupid act of self-preservation that was completely misguided.

As a child, I dreamed of being a mother.  I would tell anyone who would listen that I wanted 20 children- ten of my own and ten adopted.  In second grade, our school had us all create real books with an “about the author” section in which mine stated that when I grew up I wanted to be a mother.

It seems that if you are a mother, you're part of this unspoken club of amazing women who are raising these incredible little humans.  If you're barren, or have made the choice to remain childless, then there is something wrong with you and you can only stand on the sidelines of life watching the Mommy Club carry out the essential task of making and raising the next generation.

I call BS.

For many years I told myself that choosing not to photograph families and children was because I just didn't get children.   Such a complete lie.  This year, I have embarked on some soul searching in my sessions to take myself back to the types of sessions that helped me create Munro Photography into what it has become today. Families. Newborns. Children. Weddings. Couples. Joy.

I have struggled with fertility for over eight years.  Perhaps longer, but I shall spare you the details.  This lie I was telling myself that I didn't like children, didn't understand children, wasn't good at photographing children... it has been a direct result of dealing with infertility. 

Wow, that feels amazing to admit.  Fertility does not make me a better person nor does not make me a lesser person.  The only thing I have control over is my attitude about it- and that is what makes me the person that I am.

I am learning to truly, deeply, wholeheartedly be okay with my path in life regardless of whether that will involve children of my own. This is not something I hide- I'm actually rather candid about it when the issues are brought up- and I never want my clients to think that I don't want to photograph every amazing moment in their lives.

I care about you. I love seeing your joy.

I'm officially proclaiming that I WANT to be there for those happy moments.  Those new little humans being welcomed into the world.  Those tiny hands and feet clutching at their parents in love and complete trust.  Those little whispers of love between parents as their children play around them. I want to photograph life.  All facets of it. 

Dealing with fertility, I feel, has given me a much more emotional connection to these types of sessions.  Being able to feel the emotional moments with such intensity allows me to really create something meaningful, and THAT is nothing to be scared of.

This year of reckoning, of soul searching and personal growth, has led me back to my desire to photograph everything that brings joy in people's lives.  I have witnessed the birth of one of my best friend's babies, photographed a few newborns in the studio, and spent some time dreaming up maternity and special moments.  In doing this, I have learned to acknowledge that I was distancing myself from these types of sessions rather than just absorbing the complete joy of these people.  I want to share in your joys, as much as I want others to share in my joys.

If you're struggling with fertility issues, I encourage you to reach out for support.   Having children is a complete blessing, to be sure, but a greater blessing is love for yourself and a knowledge that you are amazing and worthy of happiness whether you are a parent or not.

I have announced an amazing deal on fall mini-sessions complete with some digital file selections- whether you're a family of two with furbabies, or a family of ten, these mini sessions are for you.

ALSO, I want to extend another amazing deal for those expecting new little ones. For every booked newborn session, I would love to include a maternity mini-session good for any open date AND a complimentary set of 25 custom designed newborn announcement cards! Let me use my passion and talents to help you in celebrating and sharing your happiness. Lets make some magic. I am thankful to those who have trusted me in photographing their families, weddings, portraits, and so on- I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!

August 19, 2014

Nick and Nicole | Battle Creek Michigan Urban Engagement

Munro Photography | Battle Creek Michigan Engagement Photography

Urban Romance with a Classic Twist

Nick and Nicole have a wedding coming up, so to honor that, I figured now was a pretty good time to get to blogging their fun and romantic urban engagement session.  What I love about these two is their affection for each other is unwavering- I put them in a parking garage and it was still romantic.  Seriously. 

I can't wait for their September wedding in Battle Creek- it's bound to be absolutely amazing!

If you are planning your own wedding and are interested in talking with me about wedding photography, please visit my website above or contact me directly at  I would love to work magic for your day!

These sweet little pins were made by Tracy Park of Park Place Design

May 23, 2014

Michigan Boudoir Photography| July Session Sale


Munro Photography's Contemporary Female Portrait Session on SALE
Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing

Have you been considering having your very own glamorous boudoir session?  Don't worry about any flaws you think you might have- there is no time like NOW to embrace your body, your femininity, and recapture some of that self-confidence.  

For the entire month of July, all boudoir sessions will include:
-Hair and Makeup
-$50 product credit to apply to your order
-Unlimited outfits and locations
-ADDITIONAL Product discounts based on your product order (this is ON TOP of the 10% ordering discount for your reveal meeting!!) :
   A) Up to $250= an extra 5% off  (total of 15%)
   B) $251 to $500= an extra 10% off (total of 20%)
   C) $501 to $1000= and extra 15% off (total of 25%)
   D) $1001 or more= an extra 20% off (total of 30%)


Boudoir photography is for every woman.  It is a complete celebration of our gorgeousness, and frankly, it doesn't mean you have to bare all-- boudoir with Munro Photography is a take on modern female portraiture.  It's a fabulous gift for yourself or for your significant other and this deal for July sessions makes it just that much more affordable!

To book your session, please email me at or visit my main website at to read more about boudoir and glamour and to inquire about availability and pricing.

Sessions MUST be held in July, a retainer is required to hold your session date and time.  I look forward to making beautiful images with you!