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April 07, 2014

Battle Creek Wedding Photography | Munro Photos

 Eric and Elissa were married last month in Battle Creek, Michigan before their amazing families and friends.  I can't say enough things about how lovely these two are, so I'll let their images speak for me.  Congratulations to these two!



 A big Thank You to ProDJs of Battle Creek for keeping the party rolling! These guys are fabulous! Find their website here!

April 01, 2014

Red Riding Hood Living Florals | Michigan Styled Bridal

Concept and florals by Park Place Design, Tracy Park
Photography and Styling by Munro Photography, Laura Munro
Model: Jillian Otto

My lovely floral friend, Tracy, bought this neat red cape and sounded the alarm to garner interest in a styled "Red" shoot.  At first, I wasn't really into the idea, I'll admit.  I am such a visual person (obviously) that I originally passed on the shoot.  How silly of me, RIGHT?  Then, Tracy mentioned she wanted to make a living floral necklace and I was SOLD on the idea.

Eventually through schedules and weather, we pulled it off- with all the amazing amounts of snow that dumped all over Michigan this winter, I was pretty geeked at the idea of getting out in the fresh white blanket to work some magic.  Unfortunately, it was bitter cold- like, 'melt your skin off' kind of frigid.  Poor Jillian trooped through the locations like a champ- freezing her tushie off almost literally (thanks for sitting in the snow drift! haha) and both of us having to take warm up breaks in the truck to get feeling back.  Some of the session involved me trying to figure out if my finger was even pushing the right buttons- there was simply no feeling in any appendage.

Pictures have a way of taking you into a feeling and emotion, and these images do that for me- there's something powerful in a simple expression, a small movement, and the florals in this shoot just pull everything together.  Let me introduce you to the fabulous Red shoot: