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September 22, 2015

Nathanael and Allison : Medalist Golf Club | Michigan Wedding

Who doesn't dig a super fun colorful wedding?? I totally do.  The Medalist Golf Club in Marshall, Michigan, recommended my work to N&A for their July wedding this year.  And what a blast we all had!  I've never see so many genuine smiles in one place in my life.  It was like EVERYONE was drinking in the happiness of uniting Nathanael and Allison.

I especially love that it was super sunny, and boom. Rain.  We EVEN got a pretty sweet rainbow for a few minutes.  This wedding rocked- sunshine, rain, golf carts, and good people.

August 23, 2015

Britt + Justin : Union Pier Bohemian Wedding

Union Pier, Michigan is absolutely amazing.  Having lived in Michigan since the middle of fifth grade, I would consider myself well-versed in the Michigan "culture" and especially in the lakeshore of Lake Michigan.  But, I had never been to Union Pier.  I was thrilled to get in contact with Justin and Britt who planned a relaxed, fun, bohemian beach wedding on the shores of Lake Michigan. 

I came down on the night before the wedding and stayed at the Lakeshore Inn (*it was the sweetest inn I think I've ever stayed at*).  Britt and Justin were celebrating their rehearsal with friends and family at the Firefly Inn just down the road where they had basically rented out the entire place.  The gingham decor and the personalities of the people made the day so festive!  And WHO could resist gourmet pizza from the vintage food truck??? Amazing.

Boho Wedding
 The wedding day was HOT.  With Michigan, you just never know what kind of weather you'll be faced with, but the stormy forecast promised the rain would hold off until the evening.  So we moved forward with our plans to get Justin and Britt together for their beautiful first look before their beach ceremony.  Britt was amazingly gorgeous and I couldn't believe how perfect her craftiness was-- she literally made all the boutonnieres and her bouquet before she got dressed to meet her groom! 
Boho Wedding
 And that DRESS... so perfect.
Boho wedding
 Britt wore a handmade floral crown, with her grandmother's earrings, and her bouquet tied together with a bit of lace from her grandmother.  Even their rings are bohemian and completely unique!

Boho Wedding
 Yay for the first look! I scouted out some areas ahead of time, and we were able to get into a great little vineyard for the first look. 
Boho Wedding

boho wedding
Boho Wedding
boho weddingboho wedding
 So the ceremony-- well, you just never know with Michigan.  We could see the clouds far out across the lake to south.  The wind shifted and up those rain clouds came- right in the middle of the ceremony!  Britt and Justin raced back to the Firefly reception tent and after a period of drying time, we resumed their nuptials under the tent. 

boho wedding, michigan

boho wedding, michigan
The rest of the night was spent with tears of joy, a change of clothes, and a party under the tent!  Britt and Justin showed such grace throughout their entire day- and I kid you not, if you can weather the storms on your wedding day, you can weather any storm life may throw your way.  Cheers to nothing but sunny skies from here on out ;)

July 26, 2015

Chad & Cassi {Dark Horse Brewery, Marshall MI} The Wedding

I absolutely adore everything about this couple and their wedding.  They really made a day that reflected who they are- beautiful, relaxed, fun, and full of great Michigan beer. :)

They opted to have a very laid back reception at Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall MI up in the VIP hang out.  It was so fun to see the bar and one of my favorite moments from the wedding was walking in with Chad and Cassi to cheers from the bar patrons- there's nothing more awesome than us Michigan people cheering each other on!  

Also incorporating the beer theme into the little details- Chad's boutonniere (and the groomsmen's as well) were made using Dark Horse beer bottle caps. 

Cassi looked incredible, and I loved getting to spend a gorgeous May day with these two!

To inquire about available wedding dates and collections, please visit for information.

awesome wedding, beer, Dark Horse Nation, Marshall Michigan, michigan wedding, photographer, unique, Munro Photography

awesome wedding, beer, Dark Horse Nation, Marshall Michigan, michigan wedding, photographer, unique, Munro Photography

awesome wedding, beer, Dark Horse Nation, Marshall Michigan, michigan wedding, photographer, unique, Munro Photography

awesome wedding, beer, Dark Horse Nation, Marshall Michigan, michigan wedding, photographer, unique, Munro Photography

awesome wedding, beer, Dark Horse Nation, Marshall Michigan, michigan wedding, photographer, unique, Munro Photography

awesome wedding, beer, Dark Horse Nation, Marshall Michigan, michigan wedding, photographer, unique, Munro Photography

awesome wedding, beer, Dark Horse Nation, Marshall Michigan, michigan wedding, photographer, unique, Munro Photography

July 15, 2015

Augusta Michigan Military Wedding | Munro Photography

Allll the glorious details at this wedding made me swoon.  I love a good military wedding- and this one takes the cake! (Literally, that was some good cake. haha)

Brandi and Nick were married in June at the Yarrow Golf and Conference Center in Augusta, Michigan.  It's an absolutely beautiful venue and I loved that it's local to me! (YAY, LOCAL!)  From the glittery details, to the romantic florals, to the handsome uniforms- this was a fun, fetching soiree.

Congratulations to these two!

January 25, 2015

Gorgeous Michigan Boudoir | Miss K

Miss K came into my studio, ready to shoot a session as a gift for her significant other- and in the course of shooting her portraits she really opened up about why she REALLY wanted to do the session.  She confided that she was feeling pretty low- after a disastrous session with a photographer building a portfolio, Miss K was left with a sinking feeling, "Is that what I really look like?"

One of the saddest things I hear is that someone trusted a photographer who was new or doesn't specialize in women's portraiture and the images only serve to amplify insecurities.  EVERY woman has body insecurities (and if you don't, kudos to reaching nirvana!) and the wrong posing, poor lighting technique, and a general lack of knowledge as to how to bring out the personality of the subject all boil down to a bad experience and a sad client.  Something I never want my clients to go through.

I was ecstatic when Miss K saw her images- she's an absolutely stunning human being.  Beautiful.  Funny.  Sweet as can be.  And watching her gasp in delight that her images reflected who she really is just made my day. 

Check out a few from her gorgeous session, and if you're interested in booking your very own boudoir you can contact me at or read more info on my website at

michigan boudoir, black lingerie

michigan boudoir, munro photography

michigan boudoir, munro photography, michigan photographer

michigan boudoir

January 12, 2015

Southwest Michigan Bridal Show : A DIY Booth

Southwest Michigan Bridal Show in Kalamazoo, MI this past Sunday (January 11, 2015)

This winter has been so hectic for me, that I really didn't have much time left to plan for my show booth.  I knew what I wanted to do in creating a unique space that people could relax in and be able to chat with me outside of the throng of attendees in the "walking path."  I wanted to have a display that was bright and neutral to draw attention to my artwork and style without being obnoxious or distracting to the eye.  While there was plenty to look at in the booth, it was just enough space to draw in couples to talk. 

I am SO excited to hear more from the couples I talked to at the show- there were hundreds of brides and grooms wandering the stadium and I am SURE that I talked to 95% of them!  (Probably the reason I have no voice today.) 

Here's a painstaking look at my foray into designing my booth, and the outcome- visually speaking, of course. *I am utterly sad that I didn't take my camera in for any booth pictures, but I DID have my handy dandy cellphone camera throughout the process- the best camera is the one in your hand, really.*

 So, you can see the stack of pallets I was fortunate enough to get for free.  I began by building three 8x3' frames out of studs.  Then, I removed the wood boards from the pallets one by one using a circular saw and a pry bar making sure to cut each board to size.  I laid them out board by board on top of each of the frames, nailing them down once they were spaced correctly. 

None of this was easy, and I wish I had started this project weeks ahead while we had moderate temps, because let me tell you- doing this in -15* temps all by myself made it ten times harder! haha!

 I knew that I needed walls for the booth, and I can tell you that this whole set up was a completely freakish miracle.  I found a blue oak door in a barn of my dad's, and as we were leaving, I spotted this AMAZING teal shutter... that just HAPPENED to be the same length as the door.  I knew right then that I had one wall.  I created feet for the door, made a shelf for it, and attached it to studs.  Using brackets, I hung the shutter above it for a "market stand" feel. 

VOILA!  The booth, set up at the show, was a smashing success!

I used canvases from the studio, hand painted a MUNRO sign, and the great chalkboard.  Using market lights and terrariums, I create interest without it distracting too much from the images.  People were drawn in to look at albums, sit a minute to really look at my work, and many people booked their wedding consults right then and there.  I shy away from doing any wedding bookings at shows this large to avoid double booking, confusion, and because I basically really prefer to get to know my clients at a more intimate consult.

 The sides of my booth: the right side, I created a shelf to set a 30x40" canvas on, using another board to lean it on.  I set out vintage cameras and faux succulents to add a little extra detail.

 I was asked repeatedly where I got my furniture, and I had to laugh.  I picked up the red seat from a photographer friend (it's one of my favorite pieces- I use it all the time!) and the mustard seat was another of my favorite finds from a Habitat Restore. 

So there you have it!  The creation and execution of my awesome show booth.  So many couples, so many consults, and I'm excited to see what 2015 and 2016 will bring for Munro Photography! 

If you're interested in hearing the show specials that are good for this month, please email me at or visit 

You can also view my online wedding guide at